No charge to patients

The COME ON NOW! app is a convenient way for families to schedule and receive medical and dental services at health care centers and schools.

How Does the App Work

User Friendly

Over 20+ years in health care, healthcare IT, and Telemedicine experience to help you cut lost revenue from no-shows and last-minute cancellations

HIPAA Compliant

Designed to be secure to protect you and your patient's data.

Trademark Issued

We are the first to add telehealth to a wait listed queue. Our trademark has been issued and we are awaiting response on our patent.

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Without COME ON NOW!

Costly discontinuity of care

Huge losses in revenue and productivity


Patients receive immediate care

Doctors bill more and fill no-shows virtually

Customized Care

Expertise in behavioral health issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, stress and LGBTQIA) Pediatric and/or adolescent behavioral healthcare support for students and families

Research shows that students with access to care through telehealth at school show improved health and education outcomes. -Rosenblatt RA , Hart LG., West J Med. 2000;173:348-351